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Can you Guys tell me a why my truck is running like **** by reading my balance rates. PLEASE!!!
It Idles sparaticly and exhaust is showing heavy blue smoke (rich).
Attached are the balance rates:
Work completed:
Injectors we're just replaced with junkyard injectors from a low mileage wrecked truck...
New Chinese fuel return kit...
Cleaned everything out installed new valve cover gaskets. Rerouted the pcv valves. Bypassed the entire fuel system, currently testing the truck off a gallon jug with a lift pump with clear tubing eliminating any fuel supply Issues.
Also I shave been told I do and don’t have to “input the injector info??” Do I need to tell the ecu what injectors I have? They’re used good oem injectors...

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Those Injectors are out of spec. ( Injectors should be within +/-4)
When you replace the injectors the calibration code on the Injector heads need to be input into the Engine Module
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