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02 winter covers

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Just moved to PA from SC ,I didn't need covers down south. After a few mornings of temps in the teens the ride to work has been pretty cold . Can someone tell me where I can buy winter covers for my 02 chevy? I found them on ebay for 03-07 but nothing for an 02.
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go to the dealer and see if there is any 02's on the lot, sometimes you can "acquire" one out of a truck during a test drive. or you can do the honest thing and either buy one from the dealer or from someone here on the forum. next option is to get an aftermarket one, we sell one that is made by fhia? i cant remember and i know i spelled it wrong but there pretty nice and you can mount them by either screwing the snaps to the grill or use the 3m tape supplied and glue them on.
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