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Ok, I am new to the Allison world and I will be towing right at 14,500# with my '02 CC, DRW, 8.1L, 4x4 with a factory tow package. Is there anything that I should do to help keep this trans in good shape?

The trans, transfer case and diffs have been serviced twice in 60,000 miles, with 10,000 miles since their last service on the truck.

Is there a way to keep from having the trans shift into 5th gear to eliminate hunting between 4th and 5th while towing?

Is there anyway that a similar shift selection can be made like the new 6 spds?

I also have 4.10 gears and just how much would it cost to switch to a 6 spd Alli to get the higher second OD gear? Or would it be worth it? Would that just put to much on to the engine and ruin the gas mileage?

Like i said, I am new to the Alli world and would like to get better economy while not towing and make sure that I don't do anything silly to hurt this really smooth shifter.

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