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I have a 2001 GMC 3500 with factory towing mirrors... the worst design ever.

They are the twin bar horizontally oriented trapezoidal shaped pieces of sh... ould I tell you how I really feel about them?

I'd probably get banned.

I'm just clarifying that they are not the Power Vision accordion style towing mirrors, and, they are not the twin bar vertically oriented copies of what the Super Duty introduced either.

When the GMT800 Classic was retired and the GMT900 was introduced, GM introduced a twin bar vertically oriented towing mirror for that body style, and also offered a similar style (twin bar vertically oriented) towing mirror that could be retrofitted to the GMT800. As I recall, this towing mirror came out in 2006.

It looked good on the GMT900, but it looked cockeyed on the GMT800, because it tilted upward on the outboard ends, due to the greater taper of the GMT800 door mount. I recall lots of guys shimming these mirrors at the upper mounting point, in an attempt to make the mirrors appear less canted and more level and normal looking.

Years later, I seem to recall that an aftermarket company finally solved this tilting problem by coming out with trailer tow mirrors specifically made for the GMT800.

The were twin arm, vertically oriented, with a large convex mirror, and sat level and normal looking relative to the door pitch angle of the truck.

I'm interested in these mirrors, and any better mirrors that have been designed for the GMT800 either before or since, that are still available to purchase today.

Any and all recommendations and links would be greatly appreciated!
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