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  1. Frankenstein
    So after buying a new 2020 Superduty 6.7 and absolutely hating i decided to build what i like a Duramax Gmt800 SUV
  2. Frankenstein
    Ok guys I figured I’d make a thread for my build! I bought my wife a 08 Yukon xl about a month ago with the idea of swapping it next year. Well after a 6in lift and 35s the next year part has moved up to asap! I have 2 08 parts trucks and a 08 Lmm with a free goodies and 90k miles on it. I...
  3. Frankenstein
    Hi I'm new here so be easy on me. I'm swapping an 05 lly into my yuk. Hopefully I'll have the body set back on this weekend. It's been a fun experience thus far and I'm a little worried about the wiring.
1-3 of 3 Results