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  1. 6.2L Diesel Engine
    So I'm looking at purchasing a van to convert into a home base for an extended road trip to different backpacking destinations, so I'll be doing a significant amount of driving through the mountains. I've come across a 1986 G20 van with the 6.2L for a pretty reasonable price($3,500.00 for anyone...
  2. 6.5/6.2 High Performance Engine Modifications
    I’m in the planning stages of a turbo build for my van. The vehicle is a 1993 Air Force G30 delivery truck with a 6.2L NA with 87,000 miles. The specs: 87k miles on original engine, injector, pump Heads replaced with “6.5” aftermarket heads from extremediesel 6.5-6.2 felpro head gaskets New...
  3. Vans
    So I had the opportunity to change the thermostats in a Duramax van the other day and I did a write up on it. No pictures, but they have a second van and I hope to do the stats in it soon. So here is the write-up I did. If you feel it needs to get added to a how to folder, that would be great...
1-3 of 3 Results