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turbo upgrade
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  1. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    Hey guys, i’m putting a holset hx35 on my 6.2 and I have heard these turbos on 6.2s I love the sound I just want to hear the whistle out the exhaust a little bit more. Does a wicked wheel help with that or does it just make it whistle more in the cab? If there are other ways of making it whistle...
  2. Fuel System, Air, Exhaust & Emissions Upgrades
    I have an LLY with built trans, head studs, 12mm cp3, 65% injectors, airdog 200…I think that covers the major stuff. I’ve been through several different turbos on this truck, trying to find one I like. Started out with stage 1 & 2 stock replacements before moving up to a s463. Since then I’ve...
1-2 of 2 Results