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  1. 6.5/6.2 High Performance Engine Modifications
    I'm considering buying one of the Quadstar OBD2 tunes, but was wondering how much of a difference it could make (stock turbo, 4" exhaust, and I want one of the workhorse tunes). I was also wondering if I order a complete PCM, if I will be able to simply swap the PCM's and go, or if there are any...
  2. First Generation Duramax Electronics/Tuners
    I've been searching for some basic info for how to tune a diesel engine. All of my experience is gasoline with either a carb or HPTuners on the fuel injected stuff. I realize that tuning for many people is a proprietary issue and that the EPA is making people more wary. I am tired of finding...
1-2 of 2 Results