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  1. Duramax Sixth Generation: 2017-2019 (L5P)
    I know a lot of us have had or are having DPF/Regeneration issues with our trucks and thought I would pass along my situation with regards to what happened and how it eventually got fixed. The fix is quite interesting….. So, I bought a new 2019 Chevy 2500HD Duramax Crew cab High Country. I have...
  2. Vans
    I keep having issues, CEL's, frequent regen's, etc and I'm sick of it. I'm at 49k miles, so my warranty on the exhaust is almost up. Time to get rid of all this. I did a little reading, so I know that I have to find a van specific tune. I really don't want to spend the money on a dash tuner...
  3. Duramax Fifth Generation: 2011-2016 (LML)
    I have had the Cleaning Exhaust Filter Keep Driving message come on 4 times since I have had my LML. The first I got on the interstate and drove about 30 miles before it went off. The second and third I couldn't. After 2 or 3 stops the reduced engine power came on. The dealer found that the...
1-3 of 3 Results