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  1. 6.2L Diesel Engine
    I'm trying to find correct radiator for my 1985 6.2 Blazer. All the "850" radiators are sold out at Rockauto and pretty much also everywhere else. Only one what i could find is this Autozone Duralast B850 but it's bit expensive and they does not ship outside US. I live in Finland...
  2. Duramax Second Generation: 2004.5-2005 (LLY)
    Just curious if I have a case of bad luck or is there a lot of bad or damaged parts going around? Got my “new” radiator in today not to happy with damage or corrosion on the radiator. I sent pictures to folks I ordered from, I’ll give them a chance to fix the problem. The top picture doesn’t do...
  3. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    I see a short (2”) section of hose with a strange plug in it on the lower driver side of the radiator. Is that a special tool to open it up? thanks, fx
1-3 of 3 Results