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  1. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    Hi all, Later this week I will be pulling the engine from my truck and replacing it with a used engine pulled from a used truck, and I would like some suggestions as far as what work to do on the engine while I have it out, I have considered everything from a complete overhaul of the engine to...
  2. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    I have some work to do at the front of the engine area on a 1999 Suburban. But it is a right hand drive from factory - made for the Australasian market and sold as a Holden Suburban. The engine says it was made in 1998, but it only made it to New Zealand in time to be sold new as a 2000 model...
  3. 6.2L Diesel Engine
    I have a 6.2 in a 1986 M1009. Unknown mileage, has been my daily driver for 3 years. The truck has been getting harder to start lately, which I think is due to bad glow plugs. I'm going to check those this afternoon. It also REALLY struggles at elevation or on steep climbs. It will run...
1-3 of 3 Results