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  1. Duramax Third Generation: 2006-2007.5 (LBZ & LLY)
    Good afternoon, I am new to the LBZ platform and the Allison all around, I just got this truck about 2 weeks ago and I have noticed when accelerating to highway speed going through the gears there seems to be a deadzone where the truck shifts and has a second delay where there isn't any power...
  2. Duramax Third Generation: 2006-2007.5 (LBZ & LLY)
    I had this code come on shortly after i bought the truck in October 2010. Took it to the dealer with 2 weeks left in the warranty. They replaced the sensor and cleared the code. the next week, the code came on again. They said, 'huh, that's wierd' and simply cleared the code again. The...
1-2 of 2 Results