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  1. Drivetrain - 2001 - 2010
    2006 GMC LBZ Have had issues with check ABS system hoping on and at slow speed occasionally feeling abs want to engage. Check engine light has come one and indicates a VSS issue. Periodically the speedometer will drop to 0 no matter the speed traveled. I have replaced the VSS and it...
  2. Electrical
    No speedo operation, brake and abs lites on, intermittent issues at first now is more frequent, replaced sensor at transfer case, installed new ground strap to engine//firewall, re-ground ebcm to frame, still no speed signal from sensor at t-case.
  3. Electrical
    A little history: My friend arced his battery + against the case on his ecm, 2007 lbz classic 4x4. I got him a new ecm and had a friend flash it with efi live and installed a 5 position switch. Then he had to go in and do a learn for the injectors. Truck runs great, but we went elk hunting last...
1-3 of 3 Results