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  1. Question: Blow By Questions

    6.5L Diesel Engine
    Background: 1995 GMC C3500 Crew Cab Dually 6.5L TB with the 4L80E with 248,xxx miles on it I have a question about blow by, if the truck has a lot of blow by (i dont know what deams as alot of blow by but its kind of puffing out of the filler neck and the oil dipstick tube) does that mean that...
  2. Question: Lly intercooler manifold temp sensor can’t find??

    Duramax Second Generation: 2004.5-2005 (LLY)
    I have a 2005 lly duramax. I see on top of the y bridge that there is a Bolt with lock tight replacing the temp sensor so I have a check engine code for it. Any idea where to look for to find the connector that plugs into the sponsor which is a grey plug because it’s not on top of the motor or...