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  1. Duramax Fourth Generation: 2007.5-2010 (LMM)
    I got a 07.5 Duramax with lmm motor and when I crank my truck it starts up but cuts off no check engine lights nothing so I go and prime it back up and cranks and runs fine no misfires not nothing so I’m lost maybe you guys can help me
  2. Duramax Fourth Generation: 2007.5-2010 (LMM)
    Hey guys I got a 2008 lmm with 200k miles efi live threw korey Willis s&b cold air and just 4 in down pipe back to a stack i when out yesterday around 12 fired it up (wasn’t the first time in ran yesterday) it was 33` outside put it in reverse and it started to sputter and blow white /black...
  3. Duramax Fourth Generation: 2007.5-2010 (LMM)
    so I'm having a p0087 problem ,if I accelerate past 3000rpm or near it with in 2-400 rpm on the high side truck goes in to limp mode. I can clear it on the edge cts and i get power back although I cant always get it to put up a cel light I am the 2nd owner as far as I know the previous owner...
  4. Electrical
    Can’t seem to find a similar issue to mine anywhere, a few of my gauges get stuck in particular the volts is always the first one, but could be gas gauge or any other gauge except tack and speedo. No codes, have tried to pull them several times. have checked ground strap under hood looked...