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  1. Duramax Fifth Generation: 2011-2016 (LML)
    Sure this has been talk about before, but I have an oil leak and I've real lots on the oil pan issues but my leak appears to be above the oil pan from a cap on the rear of the engine. Will be removing inner fender lining tonight to get a better look, but has anybody here have this issue before...
  2. Duramax Fifth Generation: 2011-2016 (LML)
    I just bought a 2015 Silverado 2500HD 4X4 CC LB with a 6.6 LML Duramax with an Allison 6 speed. I pick it up tomorrow. This is my first Duramax. I purchased this through a dealership. 1 owner (older like myself) And they said it does have the DEF delete. Here is the question; What is a good...
  3. Duramax Fifth Generation: 2011-2016 (LML)
    So my lml engine has blowby and I have a good lmm spare engine with no use for it. My question is can I take the heads off my lml and bolt them to the lmm shortblock? I know the injectors are different, so using the lml heads would allow me to keep the lml injectors then I wouldn’t have to deal...
  4. Duramax Fifth Generation: 2011-2016 (LML)
    Helping a buddy with his truck. 2015 GMC head gasket is leaking. He has a 64mm turbo, down pipe, and "CALIBRATED" cp3 injection pump, and head stud kit to install while it is down. Will his truck run simply by bolting this stuff on?
  5. Electrical
    I have a 2013 gmc 3500 Denali dually. It’s been deleted and single stage tune. Took truck to shop to have the down pipes replaced since one of them cracked. They pulled cab and brought back to me with my e-brake light showing in dash, abs light showing in dash, trailer brake control not working...
  6. Duramax Fifth Generation: 2011-2016 (LML)
    I broke the crank on my original engine and replaced it with a reman. Prior to the breakdown, all things worked at optimal condition. Now that we have the new engine in, I'm showing 260-305 psi in the fuel system. Turns well and strong but won't start. Not enough pressure. I've primed the system...
1-6 of 6 Results