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  1. Duramax Third Generation: 2006-2007.5 (LBZ & LLY)
    I have had this issue for years now. Low rail pressure under load while towing. I have 8 new stock injectors. New turbo. Just installed air dog lift pump and still getting the code. I've read about the soft fuel line fix, that's what I'm doing next. But I've also read where the lift pump...
  2. Duramax Third Generation: 2006-2007.5 (LBZ & LLY)
    Hello, To start, thank you for all this info (I have read just about every P0087 issue thread), took a while to read it all but lots of good info. I'm posting a new thead as most of the others have not been active for some time. If that is wrong, please let me know so I can attach elsewhere...
1-2 of 2 Results