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  1. Duramax First Generation: 2001-2004 (LB7)
    Alright this is a Bible post but i need help on a customer’s truck. customer states the following- Super long story but I'll try to hit the basics here. 2003 lb7 federal emmsions truck, deleted, tuned, I rebuild top end with reman injectors, cups, drop in ddp 64 mm, fass lift pump, intake...
  2. First Generation Duramax Electronics/Tuners
    I'm new to the diesel world I recently purchased a 2002 lb7 3500 It came with a edge hot juice under the hood module but no monitor so I don't know what power level it can be at is there a way to adjust the power level with out the monitor? is it worth it having in the truck or will it be better...
  3. Duramax Fourth Generation: 2007.5-2010 (LMM)
    I like to know if you can use lmm heads and the whole Complete top end on an LB7 short block I have Heard you can use Lbz heads on a lly and what not but would like to know if it is possible my crank broke in my stock lmm. I also know the Compression ratio is different on Both motors did t know...
1-3 of 3 Results