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  1. Duramax Fifth Generation: 2011-2016 (LML)
    I NEED HELP! I have a 2013 GMC Durmax, tuned and deleted. The overflow tank is always full but the reservoir is empty, which turns on my low coolant light (doesn’t run hot, heat doesn’t blow cold). The dealership has did a Head gasket test and pressure test. All checks good. The dealership has...
  2. Duramax First Generation: 2001-2004 (LB7)
    Hey guys, havent posted in a long while. Im at my wits end with this coolant leak. Quick back story. Have owned truck since '06 about 10 years ago I developed a small coolant leak (adding water every few months). Started to get pressure in upper rad hose. All the mechanics said its a HG, so...
1-2 of 2 Results