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  1. Allison Aftermarket
    Anyone please help us! 03 Lb7. Built trans, lift pump, Triple disc, Dan's Tcm, reputable tune. It has shifted horribly hard from 3-4 over 70% throttle since built. I'm talking tailgate flops down, about hops off the ground. The builder has pulled it twice, second time new core, new valve body...
  2. Allison OEM
    so long story short I have a 01 gmc 2500 hd 5 speed Allison with 6.6 I had it rebuilt with trans go shift kit guy said he drove it 2 times was fine I went to take it and wouldn't shift into 4th would neutral and limp mode it was getting a p1721 he also broke my fuel lines so they were leaking on...
  3. Allison OEM
    I recently replaced the nsbu on my 2002 lb7. The gear lights were flashing when I would try to shift into reverse and sometimes other gears. There has been a voltage drop when I start the vehicle. I have replaced batts alternator and ignition switch in the last year. I replaced nsbu and when I...
1-3 of 3 Results