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  1. Duramax First Generation: 2001-2004 (LB7)
    Someone's post with pictures saved me on a project i had hired someone else to do Replace injectors on my LB7 duramax. They started but never finished and i ended up doing all the work and his pictures helped me know where what goes. So a huge thank you for that!!!! Question though: Everything...
  2. Duramax Second Generation: 2004.5-2005 (LLY)
    Having a hard time with this…. Injector 6 (3rd back on driver side) was at first slow leak.. pulled it out, there was no o-ring on it, put a new one on and it’s still leaking but now it worst… pulled it back out and took it to a shop here local and got a new copper seal and another new o-ring...
  3. Duramax First Generation: 2001-2004 (LB7)
    Can I just change 1 injector by.just pulling upper valve cover? Also wouldn't a balance Rate check show me which body is cracked by a very high balance apart other 7. So pissed off these Bosch remains from Pensacola Diesel and they don't even have 15 to 20k on them and they won't warranty. He...
  4. 6.2L Diesel Engine
    I have a 1993 G30 with a 6.2l. I just replaced the rearmost 4 injectors (2 on each side by removing the engine cowling inside the van. It looks like I can reach the next one on each side with only minor knuckle busting. What is the best way to reach the front 4? Would removing the front...
  5. Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)
    #04039B: Special Coverage Adjustment - Injectors-Replace - (Nov 19, 2007) Subject: 04039B - Special Policy Adjustment - Injector - Replace Models: 2001-2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2001-2004 GMC Sierra 2003-2004 Chevrolet Kodiak 2003-2004 GMC TopKick Equipped with 6.6L Duramax Diesel...
  6. 6.2L Diesel Engine
    I'm looking to install a tiny-tach ( http://www.tinytach.com/tinytach/diesel.php ) on the truck I purchased earlier today, but I need to know what sice the injector lines are. I've done a few searches, but haven't spotted the answer.
1-6 of 6 Results