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  1. Question: 82 6.2 fuel sending unit help

    6.2L Diesel Engine
    dropped the tank on my '82 burban as the 'water in fuel' light keeps going on and it's been sitting some time, best to see what's going on and clean it out. I spend my time trying to find a matching fuel sending unit and turning up a lot of nada. I know being a first year there were things...
  2. 6.5 Trans line replacement issues

    6.5L Diesel Engine
    Hi guys- back with some more issues. After fixing my PMD & injection pump issues I've been facing some weird erratic problems... I have just replaced the trans lines as I had a leak & was facing issues of oil pressure loss and dying when I would stop at a light... Now with lines replaced I...
  3. LML: Yellow Fluid Leak???

    Duramax Fifth Generation: 2011-2016 (LML)
    2012 LML - Any ideas on what this leak could be? Fluid is brownish in color to the eye. Wiped it clean with a napkin and it’s yellow when wiped off. It’s completely odorless and oily to the touch. Hasn’t dripped too bad overnight but definitely enough to notice on some cardboard, have found...