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  1. Duramax First Generation: 2001-2004 (LB7)
    Hello, new to The Forum. I have a 01 Chevy 3500 with the lb7. A little history, the engine I pulled and went into at 195k miles and changed head gaskets because of an external coolant leak. I replace the gaskets with Fel-Pro gaskets and new head bolts, not head studs. No injectors at that time...
  2. Duramax Fourth Generation: 2007.5-2010 (LMM)
    I have a 08 LMM with 290k miles with blown head gasket, Im getting the whole engine rebuilt to put in my suburban. With 290k miles what else should I replace, injectors, turbo, glow plugs? Im replacing water pump, belts and hoses already. While the engine is out and being freshly rebuilt I dont...
  3. Duramax Sixth Generation: 2017-2019 (L5P)
    Just checking to see how many people had to change out the head gaskets on their 2018 duramax? I use mine in the hotshot business and @ 195k we are about to change them. Any tips, pointers or past experiences if you have done them. I appreciate the comments or help in advance!
  4. All Other GM Diesels
    I don't really know the Moderator rules of this forum thread for the other diesels but for my Fellow Olds diesel fans I thought i'd do a quick lookup on eBay and see what they had for "NOS" Parts. It is on "Bidding" right now $30... or buy it now price $60 HELLUVA DEAL. Maybe if anyone's...
  5. Duramax Fifth Generation: 2011-2016 (LML)
    So a little back ground on my truck: bought it with 116k miles truck was a fantastic runner, great condition, very happy with my purchase. Fast forward to a 40 degree day at 117.7k miles i get a low coolant warning but not overheating so i finish what im doing go home let it cool off and top it...
1-5 of 5 Results