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  1. Suspension & Steering - 2011-2016
    Guys: I'm getting ready to install new shocks on my 2015 2500 HD. On the front shocks there are two bolts on the top and one bolt on the bottom that are used to secure the shock. The 2 bolts on the top have a plastic thing on top of each nut on the bolts. Does anyone know what there plastic...
  2. Suspension & Steering - 2017-2019
    Hello everyone, looking for a suggestion. Installed maxx suspension keys currently at around 2.5” , will be upgrading the control arms and shock and lifting to 3” my question is what shock can I use without spacers. I really Luke’s Bilstein’s 5100 but they advertise to 0-2” lifts only . Also if...
1-2 of 2 Results