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  1. Drivetrain - 2011-2016
    The ARB RD197 is listed for the 2010- 9.25" IFS front diff, which also crosses to some Dodge and AAM apps. (example: GM 9.25" IFS Axle Parts, Gears, and Upgrades ) ARB does not list one for the 2011+ 9.25". Is there such a beast on the market and I'm just missing it? Thanks!
  2. Drivetrain - 2001 - 2010
    Ive got a 2004.5 2500hd with a rc 6" lift and 35" tires. My lower mount on the front differential keeps breaking and the diff shifts to the right popping out my cv. This is the 2nd front differential ive put in and it broke i cant figure out why it keeps doing this. The first time it happend...
1-2 of 2 Results