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  1. Duramax Third Generation: 2006-2007.5 (LBZ & LLY)
    Posted this in duramax forum already so you might’ve seen it, just trying to get as much reach as possible lol: Okay, so i went to move my truck around the driveway tonight, and i noticed the background on my edge had changed. (insight cts2) so i clicked on it messed with it a little and got to...
  2. Duramax Seventh Generation: 2020+ (L5P)
    I have a 2020 GMC 1 ton Denali with around 27K on it. While pulling my RV to Florida, I got a check engine light. I pulled into a car parts store and they read the code. It was on cylinder #5 and it said the cylinder was excessively retarded. I cleared the code. No more codes the rest of...
1-2 of 2 Results