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  1. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    I have been chasing a hot start issue on a rebuilt engine, unfortunately I was not the one to do the installation, I bought the truck running and previous owner stated no problems, they basically lied about most things. Anyways the original injection pump was leaking fuel and the truck would...
  2. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    has anybody installed an acdelco remanufactured ds4? i've had good luck with other acdelco parts i've used and so was wondering how their reman ds4 ranked among the other ds4 remans available. all comments and/or suggestions appreciated. thanks, peyton
  3. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    had some poor mileage problem DS4 IP seem to works but... when check out with Tech 1: no DTC TDCO learned -1.5 (fine) ...relearn at same value DES/ACT timing 4.9 (very low timing value vs TDC ) fuel mm 12 (too high at idle). about 230.000 km on it. think is an IP problem but ask to some...
  4. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    Hi, a newbie here. However, I've posted stuff on many a forum about other stuff in the past and people are always super helpful, so thanks in advance. My skill level is "okay" amateur mechanic and trouble shooter. I'm posting maybe a little prematurely, but hoping it might yield an couple...
1-4 of 4 Results