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  1. Buying or Selling a Truck Questions
    Hey fellas I have a question, I was looking to buy a used Duramax before the chip shortage created a mess. At the time I really wasn’t in a position to buy but now I am and I need to get a truck in the next month. In my searches I found a 2016 2500HD Denali with 15,000 miles. The price is...
  2. Buying or Selling a Truck Questions
    Hi all! I am itching for another 6.5, and I found one I really like... but I need some advice. What is a fair price? What to look for when buying? Etc. I can post a video of the truck if that’d help.
  3. Buying or Selling a Truck Questions
    Hey guys. I found a used 2006 (LBZ) 3500 truck with a dump on the back. I own a landscaping company and would use it for that. Can you guys take a look at the listing and see what you think? The snowplow mount makes me leery. Thanks! Sent from my SM-A515U using Tapatalk
  4. Buying or Selling a Truck Questions
    I love been looking to move up from my 1500 to a 2500 and found one that I could trade straight for. The only hang up for me is it has 400k miles on it. It’s a one owner, service records since 10 miles and it’s very very clean but I was just looking to see if there’s any big issues with these...
  5. Buying or Selling a Truck Questions
    Hello all, I’m looking into buying a 2009 lmm with 250,000 miles on it, car fax seems to be good on it but I’m hesitant to purchase as I’d be trading in my beloved lb7. I’ve weighed the pros and cons of each pickup/engine and I’m leaning towards the lmm. It drove great and ran great. I’ve been...
  6. Buying or Selling a Truck Questions
    I thinking about buying a 1999 gmc 3500 with a 6.5 turbo diesel that guy that I’m buying it from was driving it said that it overheated and now with you crank it makes a loud popping noise near the air box and the turbo instead of sucking air it feels like it’s blowing air I’m thinking it could...
1-6 of 6 Results