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  1. Second Generation Duramax Electronics/Tuners
    My buddies dad had a power pup for his 06 gmc LBZ duramax and he had to put the tuner back to stock because he was getting a new one. He gave me the tuner and the tuner says "incorrect vin", the truck it was on got put back to stock with the tuner but it says incorrect vin for my truck. Please help
  2. First Generation Duramax Electronics/Tuners
    okay guys i have an very old bully dog power pup gave to me. its from way back when, when bully dog didnt care about emissions. it has 4 levels the 4th level is the X tune and way back when you had to call bully dog to get the unlock code...now if you call them, they say they cant give it to me...
  3. Third Generation Duramax Electronics/Tuners
    So I updated my power pup tonight and went to reprogram my truck and the programmer says VIN is locked... It say to unplug and try again so I did that and still got the error. I cant call because its friday night so wondering if ya'll know whats going on... any way to fix it? Thx! MJ
1-3 of 3 Results