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  1. Medium Duty Trucks
    I searched old posts on this and didn't see anything, so thought I would ask -- do the c4500s require a thicker/heavier than normal brake line? The brake lines on my 2006 c4500 look pretty rusty in places, so I thought I would replace them this winter. They look like "normal" 1/4-inch lines, but...
  2. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    First the FFM question! Put in another FFM from Leroy and all was good for 2 months. One afternoon started it up and backed out of the driveway and left a trail of diesel into the street. Pulled back in popped the hood and fuel is pouring out of the top of the FFM. Shut it down and tightened...
  3. Medium Duty Trucks
    Yesterday, I got an intermittent parking brake and ABS warning light (both simultaneously) on the dash of my 2006 GMC c4500. We were out for a short trip (about 36 miles) when the dash lights came on at the start of the trip. I pulled over and set and released the parking brakes a few times...
1-3 of 3 Results