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  1. Allison Aftermarket
    I'm about at my whits end with my built trans. Had it built in March of 2022 and ever since I've been chasing a leak from the bellhousing area. Shop that built it had been great about trying to fix it under the warranty but it still leaks. They resealed the whole trans the last time they had the...
  2. Allison OEM
    Truck will not go into any gear, just thumps really hard and rolls a few inches either direction. Mechanic shows code of P0562, TCM low voltage. I've exhausted all my internet research down to batteries, ignition switch, wiring short between TCM and trans, or TCM failure. I replaced ignition...
  3. Allison OEM
    Sorry guys, not a lot of hard data to go o here. 2003, in the 2XX mile range. Slowing down for a light and it very suddenly locked up the wheels and wouldn’t move in any gear. It was making some sort of drive shaft noises before this happened. This is a truck my ex drove, when he became the ex...
  4. Allison OEM
    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone has any good ideas to get a pair of Mike L Springs up to Canada without an insane shipping bill?. I called Mike, unfortunately sounds like he's had too many problems shipping here and just won't anymore. I tried an e-tailer who Mike recommended. They want $33...
  5. Allison OEM
    I’ve dug through the forums I can’t find anyone that is or has had the same symptoms. My truck will pull a trans code of u0100 lost communication with ecm/pcm “a” when I start it up. Then as I drive it will throw more codes. I have checked wires checked connectors. I have read it could be a nsbu...
  6. Allison OEM
    Changed the fluid in my Allison with TranSynd and I can’t tell on the dipstick where it is at. Any tricks to seeing fluid level
  7. Allison OEM
    I just changed my shift cables on my Duramax but the inner cable is too long and is preventing the full installation. I cannot adjust the coupling any further. Anyone have any other ideas?
1-7 of 7 Results