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  1. Allison OEM
    My transmission is overheating when I drive around town or stopping and going on the highway. When I get up to speed (65+ MPH) it seems to maintain regular operating temp. I've replaced the fluid and external transmission fluid filter. The trans cooler seems to be in good condition. The truck is...
  2. Allison OEM
    I noticed a (relatively) high transmission fluid temperature of 153F on my way into town (25 miles of 60 - 70mph highway driving). As I got within 1 mile of town, the transmission temperatures suddenly started dropping. It finally settled at 84 - 88F on my way back with a nominal 700# load on...
  3. Allison OEM
    Hi All, I've been chasing a low power issue on my 2007 LBZ / 6 Speed Allison truck for about a month now. It starts, runs, drives, shifts through all gears, stops, but is very low on power. It wont spin the tires on wet grass and it wont go more than ~95km/hr. The only DTC light is for an Air...
1-3 of 3 Results