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  1. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    Today my 1993 C3500 was hit by a city bus almost head on. It was bad enough to push the engine back and break the trans mount. Surprisingly, the frame is almost untouched. It only has a little damage on the end. I will need to do a lot of work but the cab only has a little damage and the...
  2. Duramax Sixth Generation: 2017-2019 (L5P)
    So I lost my dream truck to a crash. Even the dog is trying to figure out what happened. My second day out on a two week trip. Wife fell asleep and overcorrected just east of Billings Montana on I 94. Thank god for air bags and seatbelts, no one was hurt. If anyone needs a used Duramax diesel...
1-2 of 2 Results