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  1. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    I have a 1996 6.5l turbo diesel and I'm looking for a oversized turbo kit to put on it and Im new to this motor and automotive mechanics and looking for some to steer me in the right direction of where to find something like this i will be putting head studs in and doing a top end but i need...
  2. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    I have a 1997 k1500 6.5 turbo diesel, I need to put a new ECM in and was wondering if the I could use the ECM from a k2500 from the same year and the same engine?
  3. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    So, I have a 93 6.5L that will not shut off when the key is off. Here's the scoop of what has been done so far. Solenoid is good. Checked it per the 6.5 student handbook by key on and plugging/unplugging listening for click. Also, when I pull the connector, it kills the engine. Power stays...
  4. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    I installed new starter on my 94 6.5 3500 an I hooked up all brackets made sure tight as I could get an every time I turn it over it will rip the teeth right off the fly wheel an not turn over. The motor isn't seized any help would be amazing as I am at a still of not knowing what to do
  5. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    Has anyone done TDCO with the torque app? My app doesn't seem to be reading the tdco. Does it pick it up when the engine gets to temp? Ok, now that I sat down and thought about what I was asking I need to edit this. Bear with me this is all new to me. I cannot figure out how to read the IP...
  6. 6.5L Diesel Engine
    So I bought my 1997 6.5 turbo diesel a year ago. The other day I was getting on the freeway and she died. Tried to restart and just turned over no start. Started tearing into it and turns out the injection pump was barely hanging on by two loose nuts and one had fallen off. So my question is...
1-6 of 6 Results