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  1. 6.2L Diesel Engine
    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this. Short story long I'm 18 and love old GM pickups (honestly I was born in the wrong time period). Last spring I bought an 84 GMC K25 has a 6.2L diesel in it with an sm465 transmission and 4:11 gears. Story goes the truck originally served as a...
  2. 6.2L Diesel Engine
    1982 k20 suburban 6.2 My glow plugs (GP) would run with the engine running, not afterglow. I mean it's been hot for some time after 30mins or more of driving. They would cycle. When GPs would cycle, obviously huge load on alternator and belt would screech when I went near the accelerator...
  3. 6.2L Diesel Engine
    My 1st truck was a 90 model Chevrolet with a 350. I recently decided to start rebuilding it and have decided to go with a 6.2 on it because everything we run is diesel and it appears to be a simple swap. Would a 10L90 fit that engine very easily? I will use the truck as a daily driver, so I...
  4. 6.2L Diesel Engine
    Is it possible to put a 6.2 Detroit into a 1994 Chevy with a blown 350 and manual 5-speed transmission? If so what do I need to know before going into it? I’ll do my best to figure the exact transmission but for now that is all the information I have. Thank you in advance.
  5. 6.2L Diesel Engine
    So I just bought a new injection pump for my 6.2 diesel Chevy and was wondering what would cause it to leak at that bottom Allen head and what size is that bottom Allen head
1-5 of 5 Results