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  1. All Other GM Diesels
    I just rebuilt my 4.3L V6 olds diesel, it has a Stanadyne DB2-4367 pump. I had it professionally rebuilt, installed it, it ran for 1min 20sec, stalled, wouldn’t restart. I went to the book went through all connections, power connections and couldn’t find anything wrong, about an hour passed and...
  2. All Other GM Diesels
    I have a 1984 Cultass Ciera Brougham Holiday diesel, 70,000 original miles. I need to set injection timing. I have a Kent Moore J-33300 Tach n Time but it is missing the connector for the glow plug lens (J-33300-30) and I only have the 1/4” (black) injection line pickup (need J-33300-50 and...
1-2 of 2 Results