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Aunt and uncle bought the truck new in 94 spent almost it’s whole life in Saskatchewan. Was there farm truck. Until my uncle passed away about 8 years ago. Aunt had no use for it my new truck had just got stolen so I ended up with it.

It had absolutely zero rust when I brought it to Ontario. When I had it certified the mechanic said listen here young man you make damn sure you undercoat this truck every year because I have worked on brand new cars that aren’t as clean as the underneath of this truck lol.

Needs 2 front fenders thanks to Ontario salt. And a bit of rocker repair that’s getting done this summer.
Put different rims on it just bought new a/t tires this winter for it nothing special because I plan on putting a 2-3 inch lift with a nice set of boots on it.
Upgraded to 4 inch exhaust 3inch down pipe no muffler installed for better flow
Has air bags in the rear boost gauge exhaust temp gauge. High and low switch for block heater. PDM relocated to drivers side firewall
mint interior. All in all been a damn good truck with absolutely no issues for the last 6-7 years besides the obvious wear and tear.. breaks, tires, etc...
until the last few weeks always got information from this site but I joined to see if I could get a few questions answered!


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