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1998 Chevrolet 6.5L Diesel

WhiteK2500’s Diesel Place : Chevrolet and GMC Diesel Truck Forums Garage
1998 Chevrolet 6.5L Diesel
The Screamin' Demon

My 2nd 6.5 Turbo Diesel truck. Lots of work already done to it, and a long way to go till she's done!

Rebuilt Summer of '07 @ 101,000KMS
New injectors @ 101,000Kms.
New glowplugs @ 210,000Kms.
Holset HE351VE from an 08 6.7L Cummins
And a brand new Garrett GT4082KLNV sitting on the bench...
New CDR (10/22/08)
New Serpentine Belt (12/22/08)
New Tensioner Pulley Bearing (12/22/08)
Reman'd Alty @ 200,000Kms.
DSG Girdle, Gear drive, Oil cooler and SS braided lines (one line rubbed a hole in it and the other blew up, replaced with ones made by Hosepower along with coiled plastic protector) & larger cooler. (No leaks!!! (err... D'oh!))
Ported and semi polished heads, .010 head gasket.
Heart Throb crossover and downpipe.
DNA Muffler.
Custom made 4" weedburner exhaust.
WTA IC to be installed, sitting on shelf.
Royal Purple Full Synthetic 15W40 year round.
20,000KMs Oil change intervals
5,000KMs Oil Filter change intervals
Royal Purple oil filters.
NRK stage 4.1 Intake system
AEM dryflow filter for the K47 airbox.
Airbox and Battery locations have been swapped.

Royal Purple Max ATF.

285/75/16 Dunlop Rover M/T Maxx Traction
E load range 10 ply
60Psi Front, 60Psi Rear unloaded.
Steelie wheels painted low gloss black with polished faux chrome lug covers.
Bumper mounted driving lights.
Painted low gloss black grille, wiper cowl.
Front and rear bumpers, along with rockers/lower body and 4Xflares guarded with black rubberized rocker guard.
Amber LED turn signals (marker and corner)
Black Projector style headlight housings with clear lenses and blue LED halos.
Silvania Silverstar Ultra 9005 Low Beams
Silvania Silverstar Ultra 9006 High Beams
High-4 headlight mod
Euro style Clear/Chrome taillights
Back rack
Remote starter <----- VERY nice to have!!!
Royal Purple Max-Gear 75W-90 in the rear diff
Rancho RS9000xl shocks all around

Dash lights converted to blue LEDs.
Autometer Colbalt series Boost, Pyro, and Trans temp gauges in the A-pillar...
And a Boost/Vac gauge running Drive pressure duties
Map and Dome lights converted to cool white LEDs.
NRK High idle switches by Moi.
X-bound seat cover.
Some door trim pieces & vents painted metallic graphite, gonna use black spray on dye next time.
Blue Chevy logo & black diamond tread/smooth "leather" pattern steering wheel cover.
Blue flame floor mats.
Magnetic trouble light that I hardwired into the truck on a switch and relay (Used to be a cigarette plug in style) and modified to use a spare highbeam bulb I had laying around.
Sony Xplod Deck.
Energy 6.5" Speakers in the Doors.
Sony Xplod 1ohm Amp.
Dual MTX 10" Subs behind the seat.
Cruise control equipt multifunction switch from a 97

mostly of the exhaust sound. Some 4x4 in the snow, some of the truck, and the turbo swap. Usually updated when something new is done on the truck.

Thank you for viewing my Garage - Justin

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
Sittin in the driveway, how it looked when I bought it. Trucks like presents too What is this puny thing? Oh... It's my arm Mmm Grille Painted grille black That's what happins when you rearend a truck's hidden hitch, no damage to truck. Canadian camo! Winter storm fun. DNA Gen I muffler Muffler Installed on truck. Stuck in the snow... Damn Great... Now I gotta freeze to air down the tires (Only way to get out) This is when I get ready for combat, dressed in full camo =D Parking on the stre..e..t......Snow bank... =D Mmm... Muddy     =D Gotta love early mornin mud boggin Yay for spring! My first 6.5... I miss that truck and it's back seat... good times ;) Gotta love a diesel in water, no distributor to get wet! How's that for water wings? 1 hydrant, 3 poles, and 1 friend smart enough to get the plate number of the drunk who cut you off The Demon =) Wow... Those where better then I thought... =D Colour Scheme is comin together nicely... Along with mud and bush accents... Full of... Mud =P Another angle... Had to fish Peter out of some washed out muddy ruts again Bed painted and rocker gaurded, cleanest it ever looked lol Black halo headlights and LED marker/turn signals A face worthy of a demon Brand new 09' Challenger, 98' Demon I could take him in a drag race.... If that race involved a tow strap =D It looks so sissy with those old 245/75/16 yokos My gauge cluster (changed the lights it to blue LEDs, nothing else) Black painted wheel Got bored one night... Pretty good eh? Lol New tires, and before the back rack New tires, Dunlop Maxx Trac, 285/75/16. Wicked tread design, perform way better then the Yoko A/T2s on the street, in the snow, mud or rain. Amazing for an M/T NRK Stage 4 Intake system (Now changing to Stage 5) DP Logo & Username decal. Thanks Randy! Just couldn't wait to get the new tires muddy, also ripped the plastic skidplate from the bolts. Bigger, more aggressive tires just mean you get stuck in bigger, more agressive mud holes My bad, I picked the wrong line. Got pulled out went more left(right) with a heavy foot and made it. Tail lights... for now, wanted black housings though... How it looks currently Diy4X 14 bolt disk brake conversion brackets Shot of the reinforcement tabs welded to the bent parts of the brackets Cool night time shot after a snowfall Exhaust is finally finished (For now) 4 YAY! Cruise control! Out with the old in with the new. Newest pic, with weed burner exhaust HE351VE vs GM-8 Airbox and Battery relocation HE351VE swap finished Garrett GT4082KLNV off an 8L Hino truck GT4082KLNV vs Stock GM-8 GT4082KLNV vs Stock GM-8, top view
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Member: WhiteK2500
Created: 11-16-2007 12:07 AM
Last Modified: 02-26-2012 10:58 AM
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Comments: 28

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Chevy Diesel Guy Justin, been a long time. Glad to see you are keeping things straight on the place, and still doing work on your truck!

On a side note, how do you like the 351VE?
WhiteK2500 That pic doesn't do em justice, I need one with em on. I have a vid on youtube of them on at night, along with the dash LEDs and interior LED lights. 02-27-2010
heavyhauldad I like the halo head lamps, I need to change my foggy ones out pretty soon. That crap just won't come off. BTW, did you see my 5" exhaust? Gutted the cat and boy does it flow better. Should probably do something about my down pipe though....... 10-24-2009
WhiteK2500 I used the 4 head LED bulbs from SuperbrightLED.com the socket style is the 168/194, you'll need 6 of them in total, Green Machine did his in green, and he also did a how to write up. 09-23-2009
Tojobro2001 Hey, Love the truck dude. What light bulb did you use for your dash board? I want to make mine blue too :0) 09-22-2009
Green Machine your truck looks much better in person. I can't wait to see what it looks like after you get what you want done to it!! Keep us posted . Hoping I can make it up there again next year (earlier though like May or June). 08-14-2009
WhiteK2500 Damn expensive one too... And to think, It'll end up going on a V6 gasser =P 01-30-2009
Jodean That is one sexy air cleaner!!! 01-29-2009
WhiteK2500 Sweet! I loved the design. Originally I had bought them for the Blue 95, but as you can see, that truck didn't live =P
But now that I've got the bed painted, on this truck and the paint and colours done, I'm not sure if I wanna put them on, no real reason why, I just kinda like the truck's scheme the way it is.

To be fair though, I have not had them taped in place to see how they would look if I did put them on. So I'll have to mock em in place and take a pic, and see what I think, and what everyone else thinks.
redline graphic How do you like the Z71 decals. I think you bought those from us on ebay if im correct. Its our design. Have a pic of them installed? Got a '98 6.5 td myself. Lots to learn on these things!! 12-06-2008
WhiteK2500 The 97 and up* 11-21-2008
WhiteK2500 It's a stock turbo from a 97 6.5, it's the GM-8 best of the stockers on the 6.5s.
It cost somewhere around 850 cdn.
RedHotGMC Nice truck. im lookin on gettin a 93 6.5l . how much did the turbo cost? Is it louder than stock. Good job on the lights they look good. 10-26-2008
WhiteK2500 The bed is a rattle can job, duplicolor truck and suv brilliant white and the black is rubberized rocker gaurd, (Flares and bumpers too) also in a rattle can......... Although I did go through a fair amount of painters tape.

Not quite professional lookin, but for a truck that gets brush shriping, and sees as much mud as it does, I'm VERY happy with it. Glad you like it.

There's ALWAYS an option, just depends on how talented you are, and how big your balls are (I had my doubts when I started sanding, but I had already gone too far =P )
Gmiller Your truck looks damn nice with the two tone, black and white, its one option i don't have, damn nice looking rig!! 10-25-2008
Gmiller Yeah the untire mud flap of chain was my first idea, but i knew i didn't have enough chain to do it at the time so thats it! The only problem is when you have spring wet or fall wet snow, then it just builds on those chains like you wouldn't believe, but its easy to knock off i guess. Im hoping to build a custom front and rear bumper as well, but this will do until im ready for the build. The truck is now de-badged except for the front GMC and all chrome is black!! Thanks for checking it out and having good things to say. 10-25-2008
WhiteK2500 Nope, frame is bare, Although I'm always offroad, on the trails and goin through the brush... You'd be amazed how well long grass and brush cleans an undercarriage. 10-23-2008
98BuickRegalgs Hey man did you paint your frame? What did you use? 10-23-2008
WhiteK2500 DNA Mufflers, it's Gen I.
I got it factory direct because their shop is in my hometown.
You can get em at Summit.
mattthebrat Love the blacked out look, where did you get the muffler from? 09-17-2008
WhiteK2500 Nope, gotta find your own ; 07-26-2008
iamdave0887 does she come with the airbox? :-P 07-26-2008
iamdave0887 i love girls that work on anything motorized. gotta find me a girl like that 06-17-2008
WhiteK2500 Oh yes, 10K. paid off what I owed, and went towards the engine of the 98.
I still miss the ext cab and 6 lugs take less time then 8 lugs do, not to mention 8 lug drums are a PITA. Least the little things are out weighed by an F code
dreamer7 thank god for friends to grab the ahole's license plate. Did insurance pay up?

Nice grill too. I like the chevy "jowls" on them trucks
Chevy Diesel Guy white you got that WTA IC rigged up yet? im intrigued by your setup & interested to see how it works out for you.. 03-20-2008
WhiteK2500 Thanks, I owe ya, it was your idea lol 01-29-2008
98BuickRegalgs Awesome job with the grille

looks much better in black then it does in chrome
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