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Fuel System, Air, Exhaust, & Emissions Upgrades

  1. LB7 vacuum pump
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  18. LLY air leak
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  22. LB7: Lift pump
  23. Lift pump for my LBZ
  24. Service fuel filter light after airdog 100 install
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  27. LB7: SAC nozzles on good injectors?
  28. LBZ: Exhaust
  29. Question: IHI vs VVT-Worth the swap!
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  31. filter at cp4
  32. Temp going down to -27F, what to do?
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  35. LBZ: Fass lift pump
  36. L5P In-tank lift pump retrofit into 2012 LML
  37. Question: Tank Foaming w/Air Dog 150
  38. Fuel Filter Relocation - FINALLY
  39. LMM: Downpipe install
  40. Up pipe...Bellows or no bellows?
  41. L5P: Banks CAI, whose ready?
  42. L5P: Positive Air Shutoff questions
  43. LLY: lift pump?
  44. Question: $1000 for cracked fuel filter base...? HELP!!!
  45. LMM: 2008 GMC with new Fass 150
  46. LML: Kenedy pumps
  47. Where to start?
  48. LB7: HSP Hot side pipe
  49. LBZ: Blocker plate Leak, need some help..
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  51. GT40 maybe?
  52. lift pump question
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  54. Want to straight pipe my truck
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  56. Question: Fuel gauge always reading fuel
  57. Installing a Kennedy twin pump question
  58. LBZ: Am I missing anything?
  59. LB7: Fuel additives or not
  60. S475 over stock with egr
  61. LB7: Is there a 4 inch intake tube upgrade
  62. LLY: Intake upgrade
  63. Question: WTK:\ Mfg and part number of good 316 or 304 grade Stainless Steel exhaust system ?
  64. FASS blue fuel hose cracking.
  65. 4" Catalytic Converter for 2007 LBZ
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  67. LBZ: S362SX-E
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  70. 07 LBZ losing prime after CAT filter installation.
  71. replacement gas tank
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  77. Issues with Fuel Filter Housing Leaking After Installing FASS
  78. egr delete with out a tuner
  79. LBZ: Just was given an 8” tip looking for ideas
  80. LMM: fuel sending unit question in parts for 08 09
  81. S&B Replacement Filter
  82. Volant Cold Air Intake
  83. LLY: Fuel Guage Sending Unit
  84. LB7: Need a CP3, LMM worth it or? Yes, I read, :)
  85. LML: Detailed Install: FASS 165 and G&R sump
  86. LMM: Dorman 919-874 SS fuel line kit? Anyone try them?
  87. LB7: Lb7 lift pump
  88. LML: Fuel Lab Velocity 200 lift pump
  89. LMM: Lmm turbo heat shield
  90. LMM: Need new turbo advice please!
  91. L5P: Is CAI worth it ?
  92. LBZ: Transfer Flow - Ford tank in my 06 Duramax
  93. 2013 lml fuel pumps
  94. LBZ Manifolds, Uppipes, intercooler piping Decision
  95. Baldwin/Donaldson for AirDog 100
  96. XDP sump with return. anyone using?
  97. Lift Pump/Filter questions
  98. LBZ: Lift pump off road brace !?
  99. LBZ: 4" exhaust, MBRP or Magniflow?
  100. Fass info
  101. Exhaust "comparison"
  102. Thanks Nick
  103. Noise after Rudys up pipe install
  105. Side exit exhaust tip for new 2018
  106. Aftermarket AirDog II Fuel Filters
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  108. 2016 LML exhaust tip
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  113. Loss of power at WOT
  114. DPF back Exhaust, worth it?
  115. Exhaust question
  116. Exhaust question
  117. Need exhaust help and opinions
  118. LLY: Turbo replacement
  119. LBZ: Exhaust Issues
  120. Nictane billet filter head problem
  121. RDS fuel tank install question:
  122. WTF ? My tank fuel line connections
  123. LMM: EGR Delete
  124. DiPricol Optix EGT inop
  125. Diesel leaking
  126. P0101 ???
  127. lb7 twin turbo still leaking oil on compressor side after rebuild
  128. 2004 lly exhaust manifold pricing?
  129. LB7: Need to connect to digital pyrometer for 2nd device
  130. LMM Muffler delete
  131. New Injectors
  132. Question: LLY vs LML deleted exhaust sound
  133. DIY: RDS 60 gal, switching from gravity to pump feed...
  134. LBZ: Ear Piercing Turbo Whistle/Wine
  135. Aftermarket muffler info
  136. 2002 LB7 Lift Pump Install & Review
  137. LMM: Kennedy lift pumps have arrived...
  138. LML EGR Removal - Help
  139. Exhaust Clearance
  140. LML: another drone fix option
  141. Parallel Rail Cab and Chassis Owners: Easiest access to the fuel tank?
  142. L5P: Exhaust Systems?
  143. 2006 lly egr delete question
  144. LBZ: DIY Twin Turbo Question
  145. Aftermarket Exhaust
  146. Titan fuel tank strap corrosion
  147. Fuel Tank Dimensions
  148. 5" Exhaust Questions...
  149. Ported Fuel Rail Fitting
  150. Parker/Racor Greenmax FF/WS
  151. Boost mystery leak (EGR???)
  152. Racor filter alternatives?
  153. affordable dpf delete pipe
  154. Exhaust tip
  155. Fuel rail
  156. LMM: Anyone offer a flanged muffler
  157. LMM: Cp3 upgraded fitting and fuel feed hose HELP
  158. help with turbo upgrade
  159. Duramax van hood stack!
  160. LML: Deleted and happy!!!
  161. LB7: Drop-in LB7 Upgrade Street Turbo Suggestions?
  162. Fuel Transfer Piping
  163. LBZ: In need of a lift pump. Prefer least amount of splicing/drilling for future removal
  164. LML: clogged kitty...
  165. 2002 LB7 P0405
  166. LML: FASS lift pump install
  167. Kennedy Single Pump Test Results
  168. Long-Range L5P...and other things
  169. Question: Dorman Drivers Exhaust Manifold
  170. Will a downpipe make my LBZ quieter at WOT?
  171. LBZ: Turbo: Stage 1 or Stock?
  172. Engine oil cooler sanwich adapter BAT MOCAL SP2TC
  173. Dmaxstore Manifolds and Up Pipes
  174. 95gpm verses 150gpm FASS
  175. LML: 2016 Kennedy Lift Pump Install
  176. New LML
  177. Racor air in fuel solution?
  178. LLY: Next mods for my lly
  179. I dropped the tip of my air blower in my tank!
  180. Suggestion for lift pump
  181. Installing lift pump question
  182. LLY: Aftermarket heads, head studs and other items?????
  183. Another Airdog Raptor Failure
  184. Would a s474 or 480 bolt up to an older mpi twin kit using a 4202 garret?
  185. Fass Pump and fuel heater
  186. 2007 Duramax LBZ
  187. LBZ or LMM air intake on LB7?
  188. Muffler delete
  189. FASS Pump Install Step by Step (already posted somewhere)?
  190. Bullydog delete?
  191. LML: Exhaust wrap
  192. If you owned a LML that had over 100k on it what mods would you do to it? Tow use
  193. LBZ: Fass Filters
  194. Numerical Products Sump?
  195. Mixture tune for blocked EGR
  196. Noisy Fass and the Drawstraw--with Videos
  197. Fender to Air Box opening
  198. LBZ: Do you need to change the filler?
  199. CP3 fuel pressure regulator replacement
  200. diy collapsed hoses
  201. LB7: EGR Replacement..DIY, never again..
  202. DPF Hollowing Out
  204. LLY: Egr delete reliable / do they hold up towing
  205. Injector lines cleaning
  206. Airdog Install Issue - Tank Fitting Woes
  207. Did deletes and have a couple questions
  208. Plastic inner fill tube...
  209. Lb7 need work thoughts/
  210. Canadians, where do you get your Turboback exhaust?
  211. What if a lift pump dies?
  212. FASS 95gph lift pump...
  213. Y bridge??
  214. Fuel system....
  215. Any quality differences in PCV re-route kits? what about blocker plate/ sticks?
  216. Lift pump
  217. Paper air filter for Bully Dog CAI?
  218. LBZ: Cracked up-pipe. Soot and pretty loud.
  219. Adding pyrometer
  220. LML: Anyone install Danvillie 3974 stg #2 TURBO on your LML
  221. Transfer Flow filler neck?
  222. Question: Common Rail Pressure Loss
  223. Kennedy Lift Pump with only Oem Fuel Filter?
  224. LML: Sick of the Exhaust System Problems!!!!!
  225. Not able to get prime
  226. Turbo Upgrade Question
  227. Should I block my EGR?
  228. po101 and po299 codes.....
  229. Lift pump or not?
  230. Custom Intake/EGR Delete MAF Range
  231. Exhaust/spool/whistle
  232. Delete questions
  233. Plumbing in AUX fuel tank
  234. Lift Pump Noise
  235. LML: 15' Sierra LML Lift Pump Setup
  236. PCV VALVE?
  237. 07 lbz p0087, lift pump, sump, new cp3
  238. Industrial Injection High Pressure Line
  239. LBZ: Compound Twin Turbo Question
  240. My Kennedy Lift pump with Std. Mega filter install
  241. EGR delete Kit question...
  242. What to change in tuning for a 72mm VGT??
  243. LLY: cab and chassis strait pipe
  244. Flo-Pro down pipe exact same part as Pypes?
  245. LML fuel cut/ losing prime. beating a dead horse.
  246. LMM: Any issues with Banks dual Monster Exhaust?
  247. Magnaflow 18982
  248. LMM twin turbo setup
  249. Lb7 s366 turbo swap help please!!!!
  250. LLY: Filter Head Options w/ Kennedy Pumps?