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First Generation Duramax Electronics/Tuners

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  1. LB7: Banks Econominder tuner- How's it work?
  2. Scan guage for trouble shooting
  3. EFI Live issue
  4. Tuner/Programmer.
  5. LB7: OBD2 Reader
  6. Best bang for the buck LB7
  7. Theft deterrent light stays on........
  8. Actron CP9690 scanner
  9. GM Tech 2 - Who owns one?
  10. Bully dog GT tuner
  11. LB7: PPE Hot+2 et LB8
  12. Loss of power w/Predator
  13. Fuse Panel Issue
  14. High FRP at idle, smooths out with a little throttle
  15. lb7 ecm flash trouble
  16. LB7: Tow tunes differences?
  17. LB7: Old PPE Tuner
  18. LB7: Banks 6 gun no speed loader
  19. Easy Tune for LB7
  20. Truck hesitates on long uphill but only after it reaches 190 degrees.
  21. Deep roar
  22. dsp5 tunes not work with CTS
  23. Looking into Predator 2
  24. 2003 Lb7 gauges go crazy truck dies
  25. EFI Live
  26. Duramaxtuner
  27. Tuner got stolen
  28. New Guy to Autocals
  29. Buying a used Edge CTS2
  30. DiabloSport InTune V2
  31. Abnormal issue with edge after airdog install
  32. ECM replaement
  33. hp tuner timing calculator
  34. DSP switch...
  35. LB7: PPE Tuner, but to much Smoke..??
  36. Can I stack programmers on lb7
  37. LB7: Kennedy Custom ECM MPG Observation
  38. Gorilla performance efi live
  39. Unhappy Need advice.. EFI live gone bad ecm
  40. LB7: Someone in RI near or near Providence so I can check my ECM?
  41. Ecm swap
  42. PPE and DTC's on LB7
  43. Edge juice with attitude will it work on a zf6 lb7 ?
  44. Lb7 edge CTS injector balance rates
  45. LB7 Fuel in the Oil
  46. Iphone OBD2 reader
  47. Just added a edge cts wow!!!!!
  48. LB7: Tuning for maximum MPG?
  49. Edge Juice with Attitude details
  50. LB7 flashpaq 2805 update
  51. have cts and know I want boost pressure
  52. LB7: 03 duramax 6.6 2500 hd won't crank over
  53. Issues in quadruplets
  54. lb7 and allison tuning and what change in parameters
  55. LB7: Quadzilla Stealth II Update Files
  56. tuners and the dreaded injector nightmare
  57. My TQ, HP and Boost numbers... Opinions?
  58. remote start 02 GMC 2500HD
  59. Edge Tuner, what truck upgrades to support?
  60. Need help removing my bully dog pup tune
  61. Question: E.G.R/edge programmer problem
  62. LB7: Tuner Deals.
  63. Beef up tranny or not?
  64. LB7: Tuner...should I get one?
  65. looking to pay for lb7 emailed tune
  66. Atp efi live...something's not right.
  67. Edge CTS causing ECM issues
  68. PPE boost valve
  69. Do I need a stock tune?
  70. tuned ECM problem
  71. PPE tuner for two trucks
  72. BullyDog GT Tuner
  73. Just bought a lb7 and looking for tune help
  74. tapshifter nightmare
  75. LB7: High Idle
  76. Looking for the best tuner for my 01 duramax
  77. 01 LB7 Edge issue
  78. Predator VIN Problem
  79. Need TCM reflash for tapshifter....suggestions?
  80. Banks boost and egt gauges
  81. LB7: Where'd Ya Mount Your Insight?
  82. superchips 2705 problem
  83. Edge CS Really Low Boost
  84. stupid stupid dumb dumb
  85. Intakes for my lb7
  86. generic tunes vs custom tunes
  87. Honest advice
  88. Edge Attitude cause this and why?
  89. Chip or tuner for 02 6.6 duramax
  90. What do you monitor with your Edge CTS?
  91. LB7: Monitoring with efi live
  92. Head studs??
  93. What connector and app for ipod for balance rates
  94. Guy takes a 1500 Shortbed and drops in a 6.6 duramax and a tune(Video)
  95. Edge Juice w/ Attitude and A2
  96. Neutral safety switch problem
  97. PMT owners I need a little help.
  98. I want EFI Live, but the cost...
  99. Efi tuning
  100. LB7: Edge CTS???
  101. LB7: PPE xcelerator
  102. Android Torque App Transmission Temp
  103. LB7: New to the Duramax world Advice please!
  104. why is my twin turbo truck so slow??
  105. Does anybody actually use their DSP5?
  106. LB7: Superchips 2805
  107. LB7: Edge insight /juice info
  108. LB7: Spade Jack Tuner Without On The Fly Switch?
  109. Towing with hypertech PPII
  110. LB7: Spade Jack Tuner??????
  111. need a simple LB7 tow tune
  112. Edge CTS stopped display in EGT's
  113. PPE stuck on checking vin# please help!
  114. My Experience with DuramaxTuners
  115. Question: limp mode
  116. Edge CTS causing security light to come on... Anyone have this problem??
  117. 01 lb7 just put a Hypertech lll on!
  118. Tuner not recognizing that ignition is on?
  119. Question: Help with BullyDog Tuner
  120. PPE tuner
  121. Autocal or tuned ECM
  122. triple dog downloader
  123. bullydog triple dog gt tuner wont load
  124. VIN lock on bully dog powerpup
  125. egr disable
  126. LB7: Sweet spot and normal?
  127. detroit area
  128. What are my dpms5 tune options?
  129. Want to go EFI Live, have questions
  130. Code - removed ... ? how
  131. Boot loader rejected 02 lb7
  132. tuners need recommendations
  133. LB7: Speedo incorrect after PPE tune
  134. Question: What exactly does a tuner software update do?
  135. LB7: Original Quadzilla Stealth Tuner Updating
  136. LB7: Diabolo tuner comparison
  137. Tow capacity
  138. diablosport tuner force stock tune sequence
  139. Int prk fuse HELP - No Power
  140. Information on tuners/chips and tuning
  141. airdog 165 question
  142. Changing PCMs
  143. Tuners
  144. New Duramax Owner and I Have Some Questions
  145. Low budget, "simple" tuner
  146. Disappointed with PPE xcelerator
  147. Edge Insight CTS
  148. Question: Edge power module with additude
  149. duramaxamimizer????????
  150. Predator/ banks...balance
  151. LB7: Best Programmer?
  152. ATS e-power?
  153. bully dog tuner question
  154. To stack or not to stack
  155. Opinions needed on mod list
  156. LB7: Bullydog Watchdog
  157. Edge CTS Doesn't like temps below 36F
  158. LB7: Question/Programmers/MPG
  159. scanners
  160. decreased milleage after dealer updates
  161. New ECU/ECM me and the Dealer are locked out
  162. LB7: MPG question
  163. Scan tool
  164. PPE problem
  165. LB7: Missing after I installed the Edge juice with attitude.
  166. dealer wants $130 for the TCM flash update
  167. Edge Insight CS
  168. Which route to go with EFI Live?
  169. Will EFI Live affect Tech2 Programming?
  170. bully dog with egt probe
  171. Tunner for a ZF-6 ..?
  172. Oil problem
  173. LB7: Edge question
  174. LB7: tune or chip?
  175. LB7 mileage with EFI live
  176. Pioneer Screen for Gauges
  177. Predator and balance rates
  178. Quadzilla Stealth 2 Programmer With Quadzilla Scout Digital Monitor
  179. Stack Edge Juice w/Attitude on Superchips Cortex for Gauges
  180. LB7 Diablo Predator/EFI Question
  181. Torque app for smartphones
  182. Will a PPE Excel Hot work well with my setup?
  183. chips
  184. TST Powermax wiring
  185. LB7: cp3 or efilive issue?
  186. Looking to take things to the next Level
  187. Replacing the Edge
  188. Ppe for lb7 will it work on an lbz
  189. 2003 ecm tts tuned
  190. What would you do? Keep the PPE or?
  191. EFI Live causing problems with TCM
  192. Efi live dsp 5 hook up
  193. LB7: edge easy tuner duramax
  194. scan tool
  195. LB7: PPE Xcelerator came alive 3 days later ???
  196. Does anyone have some good used lb7 injectors
  197. 4 wd senors and encoder motors transfer case
  198. Anyone running duramaxtuner dsp5 tuned ECM?
  199. Duramaxtuner vs ppe
  200. LB7: Duramaximizer
  201. Question: Down in Gainesville, FL.
  202. LB7: Banks big head wastegate / PPE boost valve
  203. What do I need to do to roll smoke.
  204. Question: EFI Live scan tool vs Autoenginuity
  205. stock truck, bully dog triple dog is this safe
  206. Stock truck bully dog triple dog is this safe for my truck
  207. Anyone have an EDGE juice short out ECU?!
  208. Cab and Chassis vs Regular pickup.
  209. LB7: Question, feels down on power
  210. TTS Tune
  211. Edge vs bullydog
  212. Gm tech2 ???
  213. LB7: normal and alarming numbers for tune
  214. LB7: Did a scan with my PPE
  215. EFI Live mpgs?
  216. LB7: The new lope tune I whipped up
  217. Help!!!
  218. New Edge Juice/With Attitude pros/cons?
  219. would you add power to a 270,000 mile engine
  220. LB7: Acts like popping out of gear going uphill
  221. Tuner for towing
  222. Edge Juice engine temp display.....accurate?
  223. Efi live help please
  224. 02 Cruise Install
  225. EFI Autocal LB7 Full Flash DSP
  226. need some help herd this site has the most knowledge
  227. Edge Insight CTS for LB7?
  228. what has to be done to add chip
  229. LB7: Realistic Fuel Mileage with a tuner
  230. DSP5 and security code
  231. Is my EGT Probe Bad?
  232. ppe standard no com
  233. As built data
  234. Speedometer Calibration
  235. engine build
  236. what to do
  237. fule filter drain plug/wires
  238. banks 6 gun or my truck?
  239. what tuner should i trust?
  240. Finally Did It!!!
  241. Please help with Tuner Choice!!! Appreciate it!!
  242. Buying a tuner
  243. Upgrade tuners?
  244. lb7 tuner
  245. 03 LB7 Banks
  246. blue in the face!!
  247. Cortex Tune
  248. i want lope
  249. Anybody ever seen or have one of these?
  250. turbo