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Duramax Second Generation: 2004.5-2005 (LLY)

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  16. whitish grey smoke
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  18. Mileage on my LLY
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  20. P0016 and horrible fuel economy
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  23. Fuel leaking from the engine valley
  24. Question: No power, lots of smoke, no codes
  25. LLY Injector Replacement??
  26. Suggested updates with engine out?
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  29. Question: Dual fuel tanks
  30. Atlanta Duramax Tech
  32. Crank but no start!
  33. Vane Position Sensor cleaned p0046 and p2563 gone!
  34. I need a new tune
  35. Strange Issue Starting
  36. Completed head gaskets. Slow cranking RPM when trying to start.
  37. I folded at 613,066 miles
  38. Question: White and Gray Smoke and No power
  39. Question: Will not move from stoplight and black smoke, one time.
  40. Coolant problems
  41. No Oil Pressure
  42. LLY: Need help diagnosing engine knocking
  43. Blue smoke
  44. Question: GMC 2005 Low Oil Pressure
  45. Code help
  46. LLY Drivability Issues
  47. Upgraded radiator for LLY?
  48. Low rail pressure
  49. LLY: Valve Seal Replacement??
  50. Vane sweep range?
  51. Replace U joints?
  52. Question: Hard starts and smokes
  53. Question: Engine bogs down
  54. Main injection fuel rate question
  55. Lly fuel limp
  56. P0101 and fingerstick question
  57. CP3 return line coming off?
  58. Question: Vacuum noise
  60. Fan Hub/Pulley Assembly Part Number Help
  61. LLY: Hot passenger floorboard
  63. Injector balance rates
  64. Question: Bad injector causing limp mode?
  65. Bad New Thermostats?
  66. Info: No start after battery change
  67. Cant remove oil pan LLY
  68. 2005 LLY 2500HD Trasfer case life
  69. 04.5 LLY Harness Problem
  70. LLY dies while idling after towing
  71. Question: 2005 LLY cutting out, stalling intermittently.
  72. Light smoke after driving???
  73. Fan clutch and A/C
  74. LLY: Missing at idle except w/load - very strange problem
  75. Leak from CP3 high pressure line?
  76. New to Me LLY
  77. Question: Spare parts to have on hand.
  78. Question: brand new oem bosch injectors flow rate?
  79. LLY: Smoke Switch 2004.5 LLY
  80. Question: New or Rebuilt injectors??
  81. 05 duramax losing coolant and blows white smoke at startup
  82. LLY - possible FPR issue?
  83. P2564 MAP Sensor Voltage Error
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  85. How to remove MAF sensor & P0404 and P0299 codes
  86. Ticking noise under acceleration
  87. LLY: Alternator nightmare
  88. So THIS just happened to my LLY last week!
  89. Is there an alternator fuse for the LLY?
  90. 05 LLY error code P2146 fault and P0204 pending fault
  91. Fresh rebuild with no power
  92. 05 LLY Puking Coolant out of bleader hose.
  93. I miss my girl!!!
  94. Info: May have fixed surging and random MAF codes.
  95. Question: FICM
  96. Odd Coolant Problem
  97. LLY: Duramax Diesel Owner's Manual Supplement
  98. How many miles after replacing head gasket
  99. LLY: Random bolt hole and bolt under ECM connector harness bracket?
  100. 05 LLY coolant leak/seep
  101. Bad shaking of the engine
  102. Long cranking time when engine hot
  103. hella black smoke
  104. LLY: Injector balance rate questions
  105. Can't find Coolant Leak on LLY
  106. True axle weight rating
  107. Question: 2005 Duramax loss of power with smoke
  108. LLY: First time glow plug change
  109. LLY Turbo on the way out?
  110. LLY: Alternator life
  111. Truck started and ran fine for 10-15 seconds
  112. LLY: Replacing fuel return lines
  113. Slow Start, Losing Prime
  114. Wont start after fueling up
  115. What is this coolant leak ?
  116. Why would FICM go bad - U0105
  117. Source for TxC V2 Aux Radiator Replacement?
  118. Question: HELP!!! P0046 P0299 P2563
  119. EGR question
  120. issues after head gaskets replaced
  121. Question: Issues w/2004 Chevy 2500HD, 6.6 LLY
  122. LLY down on power
  123. Question: FPR: Desired vs Actual rail pressure acceptable difference?
  124. Question: Pusher Y Bridge & Intercooler tubes????
  125. Question: 05 LLY leaking coolant driver side rear
  126. LLY: P0670 DTC
  127. Question: FICM burning up
  128. Recommended stock replacement injector?
  129. Question: Stock Turbo or Upgrade?
  130. LLY: Loosing Rail Pressure
  131. Question: P2563 code; LLY
  132. LLY: No Crank No Start
  133. mysterious coolant leak
  134. Question: leak appearing around the fuel rail
  135. LLY: V2 Towing cooler
  136. Question: High Idle from Merchant Auto
  137. LLY: Hard Cold start after head gasket job
  138. LLY randon or sporadic idle miss/white smoke and now diesel know under throttle.
  139. Advice needed on GM LLY Longblock purchase
  140. 2005 hd engine wont fire off
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  142. Eng going into Limp mode, HELP
  143. Balance rating
  144. Question: Range shift inhibited
  145. Question: Mystery coolant leak left side of motor
  146. Question: Bleeding power steering
  147. Do I have the LLY or the LB7
  148. Question: No black smoke?
  149. Question: Need help diagnosing
  150. LLY: LLY FICM question
  151. Cab is in the air. What mods need done?
  152. LLY: motor readings and code PO101 Diagnosys help
  153. LLY: Rough idle that goes away with any throttle input.
  154. LLY: snap - on no communication with vehicle
  155. Duramax No Start Humility
  156. Issues with the fan clutch
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  159. Possible to have "no start" with ABS 60 amp fuse removed?
  160. LLY: Low fuel rate
  161. How many high mileage w/out head gasket issue
  162. White smoke at idle in gear
  163. Injector cleaner
  164. P0168/p0182
  165. Small intermittent coolant leak near water pump
  166. LLY: Full egr delete and fingerstick issues
  167. LLY: Oil pouring between bell housing and engine
  168. Question: 2004 lly fuel problem p1093
  169. Whats this motor worth
  170. LLY: U0106, "Lost communications with glow plug Module"
  171. Need help
  172. LLY: Quick Question about FICM seals
  173. Freshening her up for the next 250K
  174. Looping knock
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  177. LLY: Help! Overheating at idle. Worse when driving!
  178. 04.5 duramax fuel mileage
  179. Injector Knock and Balance Rates
  180. BTK on Water Pump
  181. squeal only when on throttle. lly
  182. Mechanic recommendations San Diego
  183. Fan Clutch - Recommendations
  184. Overheating
  185. Strange coolant leak
  186. Help identifying block
  187. Lly Knock and Miss
  188. LBZ mouthpiece
  189. Help wih a possible head gasket issue? not sure..
  190. P1093 ONLY when towing
  191. LLY: HELP! weird issue
  192. '05 LLY erratic idle/surge and stalling...P1094??
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  195. Codes p0090, p0202, p0203, p0205, p0208, p2149, p2563
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  197. New injectors long crank
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  199. Starting issue
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  202. P0299 and p0101
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  204. 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500hd diesel
  205. LLY: Wet injector connector LLY
  206. Change in turbo noise
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  210. P1093
  211. Turbo question.
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  215. My balance rates during injector cleaning
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  218. Limp mode LLY 05'
  219. Leaking injector? Or other?
  220. Question: Loss of power
  221. WTF!! Billowing smoke,, clanking like a log truck
  222. LLY: No power while in OD between 1500 and 1850 rpm
  223. cranks for split second then stops.
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  225. Interesting Water Pump Leak
  226. Glow plug stuck with a twist
  227. Clock resets to 12:00 on startup ?
  228. Question: no crank
  229. Question: Head to cylinder dowel pins
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  231. #2 injector failure
  232. More power after head gaskets?
  233. ARP head studs
  234. Loosing coolant
  235. LLY: Help with my LLY. Not starting
  236. Rough idle, surging
  237. P0046 p2563
  238. P1226
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  240. Water pump!
  241. Where is this coolant leaking from???
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  244. Bad injector????
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  247. Water pump replacement ?
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  249. Truck wont go 100ft without dying...
  250. Bosch or AC Delco injector? (glow plugs, also)