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Do It Yourself, Useful Articles, & Product Reviews

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  1. DIY: Simple, Cheap & Effective Fiberglass Repair and Part Fabrication
  2. Good old DIY: All on mod
  3. DIY: 6.5L Fuel Injector rebuild
  4. My Kennedy Lift pump with Std. Mega filter install
  5. How To:2015.5 Tow Mirrors for 03-07 Classic Trucks w/Dual Function LED's
  6. LML: Kennedy Pump Install on a LML
  7. Ally 6Spd: How To: ATS High Capacity Transmission Pan
  8. Info: Choosing proper trailer loading winch
  9. Pops & Locks Tailgate Lock Install
  10. How to Bleed the Cooling System
  11. DIY: Medium Duty Truck DIY
  12. Oil Temp Sending Unit.
  13. LMM: LMM Lift pump power using factory electrical system
  14. Add PS Fluid Cooler
  15. LLY: Profab EGR Delete (install tips and advice for anyone considering EGR Delete)
  16. LML: How To: Navigation Radio in 2011 LML
  17. Highbeams with fog, can't make it work
  19. Southbend Street Dual Disk Clutch Overview
  20. LML: LML Down Pipe Removal process(2013 GMC)
  21. going blue....
  23. How-To: Upgrade Allison Transmission Cooler
  24. steering wheel controls added -- updated part numbers
  25. HIR Bulbs - Notes, Modification, and How-To
  26. DIY: LED interior swaps.
  27. DIY: Duramax Cab Removal DIY
  28. LML: Puddle and footwell lamps installed
  29. Pinion Seal Replacement (good info to have)
  30. How to replace Hydro Boost
  31. DIY: ABS and Break light on (fix for 2001 silverado LS)
  32. G80 fix
  33. DIY: DIY LED instrument gauge replacement
  34. DIY: ADP CAT fuel filter adapter install
  35. 07.5+ Extra large fender mod (Not for the faint of heart)
  36. Video How-to: Filter Head Rebuild - from Merchant Automotive
  37. Fuel Filter Head Rebuild - step by step video
  38. New DIY How-to Videos from Merchant Automotive
  39. Kennedy Twin Lift pump with Filter install write up with pics
  40. DIY: LML Airdog II DF-165
  41. DIY: Replacing Door hinge pins and bushings 1999-2007 classic
  42. DIY: Downpipe and front pipe install
  43. LLY Injector Harness Rub Repair With Pictures
  44. PRND321 Display Repair (2004.5 LLY)
  45. Door lock actuator removal (How To)
  46. How to: Fix your fuel gauge for $30
  47. Rear Diff Cover mods
  48. fluid coolers DIY
  49. Hobart Trek 180
  50. DIY: LML Auto-fog/All-on Mod write-up w/pics....
  51. How To: Change LB7 Injectors With Pictures!!!
  52. DIY: DIY Window motor and regulator replacement
  53. 03 Duramax 2500HD Ball joints, tie rods, pitman arm, and idler arm
  54. LB7: installed block heater
  55. How To: Torsion Bar Support Crossmember Mount Replacement
  56. Installing VIAIR SYSTEM??? Anyone done theirs?
  57. Roswell’s Idiot’s Guide to Cluster Repair
  58. DIY - LLY Thermostat replacement
  59. Fuel Filter Install Video
  60. Replacing Door Lock Switch 07-10 Silverado
  61. Cabin Filter Install 2003-2010 trucks
  62. How To: Color LED's in Door Switches
  63. Solution for Wiper Heated Fluid Recall
  64. LMM Diamond Eye downpipe install
  65. Follow up to: Detailed directions for changing a rear axle seal, with photos.
  66. DIY LMM All on Headlight + Fog Mod Using Diodes Under The Dash
  67. DIY: 01-02 All on Mod (HI, LOW, DRL, FOG)
  68. DIY secondary cooling system
  69. centrifugal oil filter do it yourself job
  70. LB7 Intake Heater Delete DIY
  71. How To Remove LB7 Duramax
  72. Making 06 2500HD Sierra EU ready
  73. Brake Fluid Flush
  74. Brake Job-Electric Trailer Brakes
  75. How To Replace Belt Tensioner
  76. Centerlink/Tie Rod/Sleeve Installation/Replacement
  77. How To Replace LB7 Turbo
  78. how to get your side marker lights to flash when turning.
  79. Auxiliary Fuel Tank Install Pics
  80. DIY: Transmission Cooler Line Fabrication
  81. MPG Calculator
  82. ls to lt interior heated leather seat swap
  83. Steering Wheel Swap
  84. LLY and LBZ and LMM injector washer removal
  85. Trans. Cooler Line Leaking
  86. Power Steering/Hydro-Boost Flush
  87. Detailed water pump replacement with pictures
  88. RAP how-to on NBS (Keyed accessory power)
  89. fixed heated seats
  90. Access Roll up Tonneau Cover install
  91. Allison Transmission line fix on a 2008 Silverado by Ron Nielson
  92. Installed an Amsoil ByPass Filter with Photos
  93. Install Idler / Pitman Arm & Cognito Support Kit
  94. easier transfer case removal
  95. 6.5/6.2 D.I.Y.
  96. Fuel Filter Head Rebuil Kit
  97. HOW TO: Build your own DSP5 switch on the cheap!
  98. LED's in 4x4 switch
  99. LED's in your door switches
  100. LLY Turbo Mouthpiece
  101. My Airdog II DF-165 Install
  102. How To Replace CV Shaft
  103. Edge CTS Back Up Camera w/ Install Pics
  104. GM rear brake repair, the right way....
  105. AC recharge static and dynamic pressures
  106. DIY: LMM Rear Bumper Chrome Corner Replacement
  107. BD Turbo Guard Install Howto
  108. LBZ High Idle Install with Pics
  109. General GM 2500HD/3500 D.I.Y. List
  110. Allison Auto and Six Speed manual D.I.Y. List
  111. 2008-Current LMM D.I.Y. Mods
  112. 2006 - 2007.5 LLY and LBZ D.I.Y. Mod list
  113. 04.5 - 05 LLY D.I.Y. Mods
  114. 2001-2004 LB7 D.I.Y. Mods.
  115. LB7 intake horn mod
  116. AirDog 150 install and review.
  117. How To Remove Your Allison
  118. LB7 injector replacement with pics.
  119. Replacing my steering wheel lights
  120. ECM lb7 pin #
  121. My tow mirrors with marker, turn and puddle lights
  122. LMM egr blocker install w/ pics!
  123. Egr equipment removal
  124. Ignition Switch Replacement Tutorial
  125. PCV reroute question
  126. Stock LMM jack? Somewhat questionable...
  127. Coolant change/ Flush procedure. Thanks to ARCing
  128. DIY Detailed Hoot Instructions
  129. Are your pillar clips falling off? Step inside
  130. DIY Allison Tranny Cooler
  131. Amsoil Dual Filter Setup
  132. My Cognito UCA Install on video
  133. and my dyno test
  134. Diy Lmm Hid Fog Lights
  135. 07+ How to Swap to Tow Mirrors
  136. 01-02'; How to swap to Double Din stereo. *Dialup Killah!*
  137. HowTo: Turning Banks Intake into true "Ram-Air"
  138. Pacbrake PBXR Exhaust Brake Review
  139. Banks Ram Air review on a 2003
  140. Replacing water pump on an LB7
  141. just installed silverline dual exhaust
  142. B&W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch Install
  143. How to: Rebuild your old 6.2 Injectors WITH PICTURES
  144. How to install Heavy Duty Tie Rods
  145. LED Dash cluster !! How to? Step inside
  146. How to change your fluids (Front and Rear Diff + Transfer Case thru Speed Sensor)pics
  147. Intermediate Steering Shaft Permanent Fix for $5
  148. LMM AIRBOX CUTTING - Quick How-To
  149. Ultimate D-Max On Board Air
  150. Review: MRBP 5" DPF-back Exhaust for LMM
  151. LBZ Hyperpac vs. Predator
  152. No heated seats? They can be easily added. Here’s how.
  153. Fuel Cap for Pressuring Tank
  154. D.I.Y cab light install on 2007.5 LMM
  155. How to install TRUE down pipe - Done - soon to be in the DIY section
  156. Trippin Gauge Mount Install Into Sunroof Equipped Trucks
  157. HOW TO: wire up a passenger side OBD port (for efilive)
  158. Spearco / PPE Intercooler report
  159. BMDMAX's Guide to Engine Removal Hotness
  160. MBRP duals installed.
  161. 06 mirrors on 02 wiring includes '01 wiring schematic
  162. 2007+ NBS brake controller wiring
  163. A/c Mod Is Cool...!!
  164. 03' power mirror serviceing write up worth my time?
  165. Radar Hardwire Install
  166. How to raise GMC bumpers and fit SS bumpers
  167. LED INTERIOR HOW-TO: Part 2, Cargo Light Switch
  168. LED INTERIOR HOW-TO: Part 1, Headlight/Dome Switch
  169. just installed new wiper module
  170. Changing out the sensors on an '07 Truck (how to with Pics)
  171. STOP the DING DING DING door chime MOD
  172. Blocker Plate Install Instructions For Young Dudes
  173. My 2003 Headlight mods
  174. Duramaxť Fuel Filter Spacer Kit
  175. PPE Dual Fueler Kit
  176. How to disassemble 06+ towing mirrors
  177. LLY Injector Harness Repair
  178. BlendMount Attitude/? mount
  179. Transfer case pump upgrade instructions
  180. Solution for Steering wheel control lights
  181. Speedometer: Stepper Motor Removal
  182. Pinnacle Performance Exhaust
  183. How to: Power Steering Flush
  184. DIY behind seat toolbox
  185. Cognito Leveling Kit, Wheels, Rotors, Install details
  186. Injector replacement
  187. Fix those burnt out dash lights!!!
  188. 2006+ manual High Idle Mod
  189. Dyna beads(pics)
  190. Seatbelt Alarm Disable
  191. Installing probe for Pyro
  192. 6.2/6.5 Secondary Fuel Filter Install for $60.
  193. Transgo Jr install step by step... Pics included, best I could do...
  194. High Idle on an 06-07 LLY/LBZ
  195. Center Consul to Seat Conversion
  196. Rear Diff Fluid Change
  197. DIY AVIC-D2 install
  198. BD Power Drivers side Exhaust Manifold Install
  199. How to "level" 2006 towing mirrors
  200. Coolant filter trash
  201. Fix: Howling power steering pump
  202. DIY - How to replace worn out radio buttons
  203. 2006+ DIY Fingerstick Installation
  204. V2 Installation and Reviews
  205. EOC Installation and Reviews
  206. DIY: Autometer Dash Gage Pod and Sport Comp II Gauges. Mustang Gage Pod.
  207. soft pedal? solution spring swap
  208. Detailed directions for changing a rear axle seal, with photos.
  209. TD-EOC 1st Impressions
  210. How to install footwell lights in 2003+ trucks
  211. How To: Replace Front Wheel Bearing Assy on 2500HD/3500SRW (dually similiar):
  212. MBRP Duramax 5" Stack Kit
  213. How to disable 2003+ Auto headlights
  214. DIY secondary (pre-OEM) fuel filter
  215. PCV Re-Route
  216. HOW TO: add an external monitor to your factory RSE (dvd player)
  217. GM to cut prices on most models...Interesting Read...
  218. Lube Splines in rear Drive shaft Slip-Yoke to fix Clunk
  219. Installing the Escalade CD changers
  220. Allison torque converter lockup indicator LED
  221. LB7 Owners BEWARE OF DEXCOOL!
  222. Diy Lux Nav Install Part 2
  223. Diy Lux Nav Install
  224. Using Retained Accessory Power in 2003 truck
  225. Custom Mods/Tweaks List
  226. Door rattle/wind noise adjustment Ext Cabs
  227. Luxury Amplifier Upgrade Instructions
  228. Re-Post of Battery Connect/Disconect Procedure
  229. Anyone build their own muffler?
  230. center console flip cover toggle
  231. Need to get your nuts off?
  232. Alcoa or simliliar rim install
  233. General Motors Parts U.S. DVD...
  234. Diesel Books
  235. 4" Custom Intake Install w/pictures...
  236. Update on Warranty for NSBU (Transmission Gear Indicator Switch)
  237. DIY Blocker Plate Install & FAQ's (LLY)
  238. Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) List
  239. Fingers Stick Installation and FAQ's
  240. BMDMAX's Guide to Gauge Hotness
  241. Assembly/Disassembly Box
  242. Locker, Spool, or Posi What is the Diff?
  243. Underhood Lamp How-to
  244. How to add manual high idle (PTO) LLY
  245. Another All-Headlights-On Mod
  246. Axle Shaft Seal Replace
  247. Battery Tray Clean Up
  248. Brake Peddle Cover
  249. Easy way to keep both low and high beams on at the same time
  250. Third Rear Parking Light Install