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Originally Posted by rdg View Post
I will be changing the oil in my L5P Dmax for the first time, because I have used up my two (2) free dealer oil changes. From reading several user posts, it appears the L5P is easy on oil just like previous generations of Dmax engines.

The recommended oil viscosity is 15W40 in the Dmax or 5W40 for low temperature applications. Since I live in the South, I will be sticking with conventional 15W40 for year-round use. Rotella T4 15W40 is the oil that I am considering, and I would appreciate any feedback from current Rotella T4 users on how this oil has performed in the Dmax.
It's what I used almost exclusively while it was my daily driver. Since it's dropped down to less than 6,000 miles a year, I run any synthetic diesel oil of 15W or 5W - 40. Now, I change it every year or longer worry free, going by the DIC time to change or as 2 years is near (often with less than 6,600 miles on it). But I would not suggest this long of time intervals for folks whose trucks are in more humid environments where moisture can build up just from the ambient air.

In that time, I probably have to add 1 to 2 quarts.

And I know that the age old debate over oil brands will live on long after I don't. But I still ask folks, "when was the last time you (or anybody you know) had to replace an engine because you used the wrong brand of engine oil.

I find it a meaningless debate, but I wanted to play anyhow
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