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Originally Posted by Glagulator View Post

Great info....while I replaced all of my retainers 10k ago this looks like a nice and affordable mod that will help prevent any runaway rockers. Quick question as far as if I were to go this route.... looks like you remove the buttons, drill the holes in the shaft all the way through, shear button tab off and drill out the tab, then bolt em in with nylocks and loctite. Being that this is done out of the motor, is there any reason not to use normal nuts and zap them with a mig (with gas no slag) and then give each weld a quick dunk to prevent any disc melting? Easy enough to grind away a tack when/if needed.

Anywho, got enough of a leakdown done to know that it is not only my exhaust valves but also the rings that are leaking. So I proceeded to pull pan and inspect. It was getting late but I found a few cracks passenger side on webbing @ bearing #2 (bigger crack) and #4 at least. The bigger of he two is somewhat frightening.... so tell it to me straight doc, how bad is it? I will clean it up a bit more and inspect bearings tomorrow. 506 block fwiw.

The leakdown showing valves and rings = less compression, worn engine, which = less stress on bottom end.... if I spruce this thing back up with rings and heads, I would imagine it would just exacerbate the situation? less money = more miles?

I am tired (its late, read through some of the threads about cracks. How is your motor holding up with the cracks glagulator?

I will be taking one more good assessment of things and then either address only leaks or go with a ring kit and use my newer heads/studs. Out of curiosity I requested a quote for the lock and stitch repair kit.
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