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I replaced the brake hose (and I have a couple more to do), because it was already looking sketchy, in that the outer plastic covering of the Russell braided stainless steel lines was cracking and coming off.

And here are some pics showing the difference between the Russell lines and the oem line:

As you can see, the end that bolts to the caliper isn't bent line the OEM line, it only had that crappy rubber-covered bracket for bolting to the knuckle (so, also use the same style bracket for holding the abs sensor wire in place), and I had to repurpose the bracket from the previous line to prevent the hose from being able to flop against the wheel. Finally, the end that the brake line fitting goes into, bolts instead of clips to the bracket (not a big deal, unless you switch back to the oem style, and you no longer have the clip to hold it in place, fortunately I have a parts truck to get replacements from).

The other front line looks similar (outer case worn & cracking), so it's also going to be replaced soon, as well as the remaining Russell rear brake line just so they're all gone [the other rear brake line was too long and flopped against the rear wheel, causing it to fail after about a month and was replaced then].

IMHO, Russell should not have even bothered making this product. It's both poorly and cheaply fabricated, and it's only selling point is that it's made with braided stainless steel hose.
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