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You don't seem to know or understand anything about the newer operating systems. Trans tune requires being in the ECM as well which I can't do. Just because you were able to tune older stuff means nothing. I have older vehicles. Everything is much easier. If it were as easy as you think it is there wouldn't be 1000s of people trying to figure the 6l out on their own. The 4l operates and shifts completely different than a 6l. Every reputable trans shop building the 6l for more power requires a tune for warranty. If GM was so perfect that wouldn't be the case. They would just be putting hard parts in and calling it a day. Every trans tuner I have talked to about the 6l has said they would have to work with engine tuner to write part in the ECM. The only problem I have had with them is none of them knew how to work with a diesel engine with the 6l. I have also proved that GM does make mistakes in trans programming by previous experience. It took several years for that fix to come out.

By my "complaints" I am voicing problems with these that multiple people have issues with. A quick internet search reveals a ton of problems with 6l, a lot similar to the issues I have going. I thought this was a forum for helping each other out. Guess I was wrong. Just reading up this thread proves others have some of the same problems.

Nowhere did I say I had 100,000 miles on the trans. I said it was under 100,000 miles. Which by the way is the number GM engineering shoots for in trans life. I am currently at 50 something and have had issues since day one, long before any engine tune was installed.

It is possible that I have had a bad trans since day one. But the issues I have are pretty common problems. Joey if you don't have issues with your 6l count yourself lucky I'd say. Hopefully yours continues to give you no trouble. The forums are full of truck owners chasing some of the same things I have. The dropping two gears at once seems to be a diesel thing though, at least as far as I can tell.
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