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Dang, quiet as crickets in here!!

So to put a little context to the thread here, due to an oil leak on both the Compressor and Turbine sides of the turbo, I went ahead and rebuilt it along with my engine. I didn't get too deep with it, swapped out the thrust bearing and seals on the Compressor side and just the seal on the Turbine side...
Well now with the engine running and me rearing to go on a test drive...the turbo doesn't build boost and it sounds like maybe the vanes are stuck or something? Check out the video to listen to it and maybe tell me what y'all think.
I don't have a scan/diagnostic tool that will catch the TCVPOS so i'm not entirely sure the solenoid is functional....but the turbo still shouldn't sound like it does.

The turbo does spin freely when spun by hand, no extensive movement in any directions that would cause any kind of surface contact, took it all apart and checked it today...

2005 GMC Sierra 3500 4x4 w/ New LLY, EGR deleted with fancy up-pipes and downpipe

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