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20" single wheel options for Kodiak/Topkick C4500/C5500

Thanks for your advice in advance! There are various short posts on this wheel topic over the past decade. The posts usually peter out or are pretty inconclusive. Maybe we can consolidate the info here.

For my 2005 C4500 4x4, I am looking to run some 335/80R20 Continental MPT81 or Pirelli Pista PS22's. Before I buy a set of 1st Attack Engineering steel 20"x11" ($435 each) does anyone have any other options? https://1stattack.com/super-single-wheels-2/

1.) Stazworks new 2 piece aluminum "MRAP" looks pretty good, $550 each. John is nice, but I am not very keen based on some other's experiences. Also quite expensive. See Facebook photos. He does not make single piece welded steel wheels anymore I think.
2.) Eastern Surplus Steel MRAP, $325. Really heavy. https://www.easternsurplus.net/PartD...Hole-Wheel-Rim
3.) Lav/Styrker MRAP. I think Cowpig has had some big issues.
4.) Buckstop steel single. They wont make any for Kodiak/Topkick.
5.) IHC MXT/Shocker alloys. I can't find any.
6.) Hutchinson. Besides the huge cost, do they even make a 8x275mm?
7.) If I don't do singles then, Rimco/A1 wheels has some great Alcoa "knockoffs" for killer deals. https://a1truckwheels.com/product/225368p/ Then a 295/75R22.5 or a 11R22.5 like a Toyo M650 would be great.
8.) Alcoa 22.5"x~14" super single. They don't make that anymore for 8x275mm. Cannot find any used

Does a DOT stamp really matter until I get inspected at a weigh station?

Thank you all, it has been really helpful reading through some posts on here.
Regards, Sam

2005 C4500 4x4 LLY single cab stock
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