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Donor motor swap

So I figured I would start a thread about an engine swap I have started as I have some questions and would love some input.

My work 94 3500 truck has a bad block (leaking H.G. carved out deck) and I bought a donor 01 3500 HD that has 116k on it and ran great minus the stock PMD starting to fail, owner stated, I drove it for weeks without issue. Seems to have plenty of power, no excessive smoke etc.

So I am halfway through the engine removal, I bought a cheap compression tester that did include the check valve but the glow plug adapter needed cutting to fit (I chucked it in a drill and cut it off with a carbide blade on a multitool to ensure a square cut and then beveled the edge as a seat. Worked well, can add some pics later).

So I had first just unplugged the fsos and it seemed to be able to still sputter so maybe the fsos is slightly leaking, I had not removed all glowplugs as another post said was not absolutely required. when it sputtered I saw >400psi in the gauge , I then unplugged the ecu fuse and proceeded with the test. 7 cranks batteries on charger spinning regular speed glowplugs in, motor slightly warm (could not drive it and its cold out!) the gauge read from 220-260. More cranking and it would increase but I limited to 7 turns. I have read that I am looking for numbers closer to the 400 range? Motor ran fine...

Anyways, once I have the exhaust out of the way I can pull the #6 glowplug and rerun the test. My main question is being that I am fairly cash strapped, what would be a good amount of things to do while it is on the engine stand? Rod & main bearings sound like good insurance. A re-ring kit is not much more not including the work but at that point I would likely need a ball hone and it is getting into time and money that I am not sure I want to/am able to afford. The details really start to ad up. My next step is to verify the gauge for accuracy. Remove the motor and get it on the engine stand and then redo the compression test and perform leakdown test somehow (need to figure out how to pump in 400psi?)

Thoughts? Thankyou. I will take some pics including the compression tester and the modified GP adapter.

1994 GMC C3500 6.5L TD crewcab dually utility bed 311,XXX smiles 4" Diamond Eye exhaust, Hushpower muffler, Glowshift gauges, Lubrication Specialist ss oil cooler lines

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