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Finding Dealer Cost

I am beginning to talk to dealers about a new 2020 CC Dually. At one time it was not difficult to find actual dealer cost (which is no longer the so-called invoice cost). But now, that bit of knowledge is hard to come by, especially since I recently lost my dealership mole. So, does anyone out there have any insight on this? As nearly as I can figure, the dealer cost on a 75k vehicle is about 10% below the MSRP. Were the dealer to sell at that price, he would make the hold back, which is 3% of the MSRP, or $2250. Not good if he has had to have the vehicle on the lot for a while (which costs him interest on HIS loan), but not bad at all on an individual order that's off the transport and out the door. And there may be manufacturer incentives to him beyond the hold back. In any case, knowing the actual cost is a handy place to begin talking a deal.

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